Sunday, March 27, 2011

Couldn’t Treat “Your Dog,” Says DIF Director About PIP Clinics; PIP Reform Bills Keep Moving

“When people have broken bones and they are bleeding, they don’t go to these clinics. You wouldn’t take your dog to these clinics.”  This was part of the passionate testimony by Col. John Askins, Director of the Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF), Department of Financial Services.

Askins testified this past Wednesday, before two House subcommittees, in support of reforms to Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance laws. His remarks also included his belief that: “It’s all 100 percent fraud. …It is clinic driven…It’s like trying to get rid of the drug problem. It’s that pervasive.”

Working their way through the Florida House are two major PIP reform bills – H 967 (PIP legal issues, including attorney fee caps) and H 1411 (PIP anti-fraud bill). After Askins' testimony, both bills were approved by House subcommittees.

This coming week, on Tuesday, March 29, the Senate companion bills are scheduled to come up before the Senate Banking & Insurance Committee. The Senate bills are S 1694 (PIP legal issues) and S 1930 (PIP anti-fraud).

Go to this link for a Staff Analysis on HB 1411 (3/25/2011), the PIP fraud bill.

Go to this link for a Staff Analysis on HB 967, the PIP legal issues bill.

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