Friday, March 9, 2012

PIP reform passes in last hours of 2012 Florida session

Finally. . . at 9:20 pm this evening, PIP passed. The Florida Senate concurred with amended House language and passed strong PIP reform - a compromise version negotiated among House and Senate sponsors and the Governor's office.

The final language of HB 119 is currently only in amendment form at amendment number 941519. The House's summary of changes from the Senate bill is contained in a House Message Summary.

For more on PIP and other insurance bills passed by the Legislature, go to 2012 Key Insurance Bills tab.

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Lindsay Durrenberger said...


The following statement was released Friday by Florida Justice Reform Institute President William Large regarding the passage of PIP legislation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allison North Jones
March 9, 2012 (850) 322-6701

"Today the Florida Legislature ended the practice of exponentially increasing litigation costs associated with PIP by removing the use of attorney fee multipliers, which benefited attorneys at the expense of consumers.”

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