Thursday, December 13, 2012

OIR eases informational filing of P&C policy forms

Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) has further simplified the use of P&C policy forms without prior review and approval by the OIR. Under an order issued December 3, 2012 and clarified this week and last, P&C forms may be used if the insurer makes an informational filing with OIR 30 days prior to use and has an authorized employee certify that the form complies with applicable Florida statutes and rules.

OIR's recent memos clarify that the OIR has eliminated the prior requirements for informational filings (in effect since June 24, 2012) that the insurer certify compliance with case law and that the certification be made by an executive officer of the insurer.

The December 3, 2012 order supersedes an OIR order issued in June 2012 that first authorized the use of informational filings for P&C policy forms (without prior approval). The December order is in effect until June 24, 2013 (the same expiration date as the superseded order). The order applies to all P&C forms excluding workers compensation.

To review the December order and clarifying memos, go to this link: OIR memos and December 3, 2012 order.

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